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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What If...

By National ADAPT
  • What if your landlord decided if you could go out...and when, where and with whom?
  • What if someone made it their business to decide that you could not have anyone spend the night, and even though you were 43 years old?
  • What if you could only have alcohol on special occasions, and only if you were "good"?
  • What if there were no guarantee you and your spouse, let alone a friend, could live together?
  • What if your entire living space was 10 by 12 feet and you had to share it with a roommate your landlord picked for you?
  • What if they sedated you because you were "uncooperative"?
  • And that said it was all "for your own good"?
That's life in a nursing home or institution.

What if you could have a REAL CHOICE?

That's what the Community Choice Act (CCA) would do. ADAPT is fighting to give people the opportunity to decide where they live and receive long term services and supports. People cold choose to stay in their own homes rather than be forced into nursing homes or institutions.

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