ADAPT's Call to Action for Home and Community in America

Common People Holding Our Government Accountable for Enforcing Our Rights

Monday, September 20, 2010

Right now 300 plus ADAPTers are blocking streets around the White House. ADAPT was headed to the White House to tell President Obama to live up to his campaign promise to end the institutional bias and support the Community Choice Act. Sadly, the Obama White House is limiting the right to protest. No more than 25 people can protest at the WH without a permit. No other administration has done this.

Can you help tell the Obama administration to meet with ADAPT and hear our demands?

Right now we need YOU to contact the White House at! The action is nationwide, help us get the President's attention. YOU can make it happen!

Why is giving people the right to live in their own homes and communities so difficult? Why will the federal government pay for people to live in a nursing home but not in the community when the aggregate costs are less? Sane policy in this arena is not rocket science.

Have you ever heard anyone say "I can't wait until I age enough to live in a nursing home?" No one chooses such a horrid, constricted life if they can live in the community with services and supports.

It is past time for politicians to say no to all those dollars from the nursing homes and end the institutional bias.

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