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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ADAPT Protest Brings Real Solutions to HUD-blocks 3 entrances

As I write this, 300 ADAPTERS are blocking 3 entrances to the HUD building in Washington, DC. What's up with that?
These are folks that live full lives and have better things to do with their time so why protest how federal housing dollars are spent?
There are still many in our society who want seniors and people with disabilities locked away in nursing homes and other institutions..out of sight out of mind. That's especially true if you are a senior or person with a disability who has a low income....and with 1 in 7 Americans living in poverty....well do the math. Tens of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities need affordable, integrated, accessible housing.

Yet 20 years after the ADA was signed into law, HUD still spends our tax dollars so that seniors and people with disabilities are forced to live ....and too often institutions.

ADAPTers can launch a great chant, can block the doors and chain themselves to HUD with a flair...yet also among us are top policy wonks in the housing arena. We want to work with HUD Secretary Donovan to implement a solution to this housing crisis.

What is so scary or hard about that?

What do we want? Affordable, accessible, integrated housing. When do we want it? NOW

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