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Monday, February 22, 2010

President Obama Tells Denver ADAPT: I Support Olmstead

On Thursday, February 18, President Obama went to Denver to highlight job creation with Colorado's Senator Bennet. Four ADAPTers went to the event after and the indomitable Dawn Russell cornered the President and not only handed him the letter copied below, she made him read it to her and after reading it said he supports enforcing Olmstead. Another victory for ADAPT. The video above shows the President shaking his hands in a crowd and being snagged by Dawn Russell, then having the aforementioned conversation. ***The video is NOT captioned.

Joey, one of Denver ADAPT's new members, took the video and he also caught the attention of the President. Denver ADAPT also gave our letter to Senator Bennet and the Governor so they too could share it with the President and work with ADAPT to End the Institutional Bias. Then when President Obama and his entourage left the Filmore for their next stop members wearing the same level orange ADAPT gear worn inside waived goodbye.

While all of this was happening Denver ADAPT members were at the Capitol working for a late bill to end the automatic raises for nursing homes. There will be lots to blog about!

Free Our People! This report is compiled from writing by Dawn, Dale Reid and Bob Kafka.

The letter that Dawn handed the President reads as follows:

Dear President Obama:

In this “Year of Community Living” and the 20th Anniversary of the ADA we would appreciate you doing the following:

Direct Attorney General Holder and Secretary Sebelius to aggressively enforce the Supreme Court’s 1999 Olmstead Decision at the state level and END THE INSTITUTIONAL BIAS in Medicaid long term care.

Thank you for defending our freedom and enforcing the civil rights that people with disabilities continue to strive for.

For an Institution Free America

The ADAPT Community

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