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Friday, February 12, 2010

Letter from Tennessee

Sent to the DOF Blog this week:

Dear Friend,

My husband and I have been moving from town to town every year to be employed. We will buy a home after a period of time, and then learn the permanent job we were told about, is not longer available. We just left our home in Seminole, Alabama and we are renting a home in Memphis Tennessee. Paying two mortgages is costly. We like living in a home in the community, and not in assisted living. Keeping our independence is crucial to us.

Please ask congress to enforce the Olmstead Act, and keep long term support services in place. (CFC).

Just because a person has a disability, should not make any difference where one wants to live. Freedom is the number one deciding factor in the decision, and it is a matter of dignity.

Deb and Jim

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