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Friday, July 30, 2010

Attendant Speaks Out on Monroe County Crisis

Unwarranted Attack on health care

Today I learned from the Monroe County, NY government that I will no longer have a job as of August 1. I am a attendant with the program Consumer directed health care of New York State. The County pulled the contract from 4 "so called" reports of abuse/neglect. They stated 12 cases of abuse or neglect, but found 4.

One case was reported that a young man was left alone, those attendants were fired, case closed. One man who is the director of a committee was not in attendance, seems to me that he may well be the mole that caused the cancerous attack that led to the downfall of the agency. The County never really tried to work out the issues, they just handed us our walking papers.
It seems that politics in New York State have gone from the hand shake, baby cooing to let's see how much mud we can throw at people. It is deplorable that you can't close nursing homes, but you can throw 3 hundred people onto a hot bed of issues that disabled people get all the time; the shaft. The real losers aren't the attendants from Center for Disability Rights, but the consumers who have their aides in place and now have to scramble for a new agency.

The other agencies are like what I used to have to deal with in the assisted living places. They pay jack squat, give no medical insurance, 3 days per year for sick time, and NO VACATION. By the time I make my money most of it has gone to a roof over my head, electric & gas, food, car/car insurance. Not much money left after that for medical or dental. It is hard work to lift, push, pull all day long; but I want to be treated like I matter. The Center for Disability Rights even gave me a bonus for Christmas!!! I was floored, a bonus? I usually get a lousy bottle of wine, but from Emeritus; one year I received NOTHING !!! But, my boss' all received gifts and bonus'. I am the foundation of an agency, I can make or break your agency; so please treat me well and I will try really hard to please you.

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